The Gang
Meet Princess Polly Pom Pom
The Good Witch of the North
Polly is a natural-born healer and nurturer. Although Polly is small in size; her big, compassionate heart is larger than life.  She radiates joy and loves to keep all pets around her happy and healthy.
In her spare time Polly enjoys nursing her loved ones, long days at the spa, relaxing on the beach and studying for upcoming additions to her book series: 'Bird Catching.'
Fall in Love with the Spectacular
Miss Lucy
Lucy is known as "The Leader of the Big Dogs." She specializes in grumpy dogs, misunderstood animals, and pleasantly eccentric masters.
Lucy traveled the depths of Europe with nomad gypsy caravans whilst conversing with troubled dogs from all around the world! She's written countless canine classics such as 'How to Train your Master' and 'Puppies are Nice.'
Say Hello to Wizard Bobcat
AKA Bobby Blue Eyes
Bobby has a magnetic chemistry and is able to memorize your pets; navigating straight to the source of the problem. 
Being quite the comrad to mischief, Bobcat connects with your naughty animals on a personal level. He's the author of 'How to be the City Cat's Meow' and 'House Cat Hunting at 3am.'